Great Natural Remedies For Relief of Bad Breath

Great Natural Remedies For Relief of Bad Breath

If you’ve been studying bad breath causes at all, you found out that mostly it’s caused by the bacteria that live in our mouth. There are many other less common conditions that can cause an unpleasant breath, such as tooth decay or periodontal disease. It could also be problems with your digestive tract, or possibly throat and sinus infections.

There has been bad breath as long as humans have walked the earth, and many home remedies have been developed that work very well.

The most obvious home remedy is to brush your teeth and clean your mouth after each and every meal. I said every meal, and I mean each and every meal! When fighting bad breath, this is critical, and also the simplest and cheapest weapon! Brushing removes food particles that have found their way into the cracks and crevices of your mouth, and interrupts the bacteria that live there.

One way to freshen your mouth is to chew on mint leaves. Also effective is chewing on sunflower seeds after your meal, and drinking water with them. Chewing on a clove can also help clear your breath. Cardamom seeds help to sweeten your breath also.

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Parsley. Parsley used to be served after the meal, because Parsley freshens the breath. Nowadays parsley is usually found on top of the main dish. So eat that parsley at the end of your meal. Parsley works because it contains chlorophyll, which is a natural breath freshener.

Another simple way for relief is to squeeze some lemon juice into a glass and gargle with that lemon juice throughout the day. You can drink some hot unsweetened tea, especially green tea, which helps in the fight against bad breath. Or you can make tea from fenugreek seeds and drink a cup of that. Eating an apple on a daily basis helps to clean your mouth because that chewy, crunchy material of the apple helps scrape away the bacteria that live in your mouth.

Using baking soda, by either making a paste and brushing your teeth with it or adding it to toothpaste can help. You can also gargle with baking soda in water, this helps alter the pH balance in your mouth, which makes it a less friendly environment for those bacteria that cause bad breath.

You can also find foods that are high in zinc to eat.

A more drastic home remedy to relieve bad breath is to do a fast. Fasting is a way to clean out your complete digestive tract. The putrefaction of food substances that remain in our digestive tract can cause your foul breath odor.

Before you fast do some research about fasting, and consult with a healthcare practitioner before you start. I recommend a simple, gentle fast that you can fit into your lifestyle. You must plan ahead to have your fast be successful. There are many different fasts available look for one that’s going to work for you.

These are some simple home remedies that you can try and test, to relieve your bad breath. The first line of defense is good oral hygiene. Your dentist or hygienist is more than willing to answer any questions you have about how best to take care of your teeth and mouth. I recommend you start right there.

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