Alternatives To Standard iPhone Apps

Alternatives To Standard iPhone Apps

When you buy an iPhone, you get a whole lot of built-in apps along with it. However, there are other apps that might come for a price or free of cost, which are much better in terms of features and functionalities for the users. Below is a list of iPhone apps that can be seen as a better alternative to the built-in  apps on your iPhone device. Take a look.

Camera + (alternative to the Camera app)

The Camera app on the iPhone device is pretty basic. With people increasingly using their iPhones to click photos, they would definitely want enhanced features in their camera. This is where Camera+ comes in the scene.One of the most downloaded apps, it contains many useful features such as – auto save, anti-shake, countdown timer, photo-filters, social sharing, circular and rectangular crop etc. Also, it has a big button that allows users to tap anywhere on screen in order to take a photo.

The video recording features (that comes with In-App purchase) are just as interesting. Camera + gives you unlimited video recording, as many as twelve video filters and real-time zoom-in. What more can you ask for?

Instapaper (alternative to Safari’s Reader)

Safari’s latest version consists of a button “Reader” that filters web articles to display only basic, plain text to the users and they can mail, save or print it. The Instapaper app is a step ahead of Reader. It allows users to add a “Read Later” option to the Safari browser.

Instapaper is one of the featured apps on iTunes Store. It lets you perform many functions with a single tap. For instance, you can save pages for offline reading and read them at your leisure. You can also browse articles posted by your friends on social media sites or choose from Editor’s Picks (most-saved stories).

You can make use of this app just like an advanced ebook reader that lets you adjust fonts, brightness, page flipping, tilt scrolling etc. Also, you can download up to 500 articles on your device and organize them in folders. Alternatively, you can store unlimited articles on the Instapaper website.

Evernote (alternative to Notes)

The Notes app on iPhone devices,does fulfill its basic purpose which is to jot down some points. But Evernote is a much better alternative. It is an app that gives you many elaborate functions other than simply noting down things.You can use this app to store notes in the cloud and access it with any device (including your iPhone of course) with an internet connection. This free app helps you organize your personal and professional lives and increase your productivity as well.

A detailed look at its features, will justify this point. It not only helps you take down notes, but also capture photos, create endless to-do lists or record voice based reminders etc. Also, you can organize the notes made by notebooks and tags and share them on social media sites, search for text inside images, connect Evernote to other apps/products.

Considering that these apps are better choices than the in-built apps on your iPhone, you must have a go at them. Download these apps from the iTunes Store to experience them yourself.

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