Android Apps You Can’t Do Without

Android Apps You Can't Do Without

Today’s world is becoming more and more tech-oriented, especially thanks to the development of mobile technologies. More and more people all over the world buy and activate new smartphones and tablets. Why? The answer is simple. It is happening just because current Android mobile development allows making the applications for mobile gadgets with the full package of all possible function that used to be available only for desktop computers. Nowadays, smartphone and tablet users can have all the software they need in one device.

According to the latest research the mobile operating system developed by Google – Android – is the most popular one. And it has led to the increase of the number of mobile applications already available and being developed for this very OS.

However, there are some applications that can be called must-have. And today I will present my list of such apps.

Google Apps

I think it is really hard to imagine Google smartphones without the full package of Google mobile applications. And not only because they have been developed by the same company, but because they provide such a full range of opportunities that you get used to them. They are Google Maps, Google Translator, Voice Assistant, and others.


Why look for a smartphone with big memory and fast Internet without the ability to share the files? Now the solution is here. Dropbox is an Android app that uses cloud technology for sharing and accessing the files.

Photo Manager

It is one of the most convenient mobile application I have ever tried. Besides, it has such a great list of functions, that it will be boring to enumerate them here. Just try it and you will see them first hand.

Advanced Task Manager

Any Android device is a very complicated system. And sometimes you need to change the settings a bit differently to get it to work perfectly. This multi-functional mobile application will help you in optimizing battery life, speed of work, running apps, memory usage, etc.


QuickSwitch is another good app for customizing the work of your smartphone, but only in a bit different way. This app is used for changing the connection modes of your phone, like GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., and some other patterns.

App Locker

What if you don’t want anyone else to use some of your applications or even the phone in general? Install App Locker and apply the necessary settings. And no one will be able to have access to it without knowing a password or an unlock pattern.


It is the best application for those who like to misplace or lose their phone. You will be able to race it in the Net and even to get report to your e-mails. Surely, it is unrealistic to list all possible apps that can be useful for you, but I picked the ones I can’t personally live without.

Would you like to add anything ? What are your favorite Android apps?

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