Apple Siri Voice Recognition

Apple Siri Voice Recognition

As much as people are gushing over the virtual personal assistant included in the iPhone 4S, Siri’s problems have had users red in the face. And if Apple execs aren’t steamed about the flubs they should be.

Big Fat Security Hole

By far the most glaring issue with Siri is the fact that you — and anyone else who picks up your phone — can access multiple phone features using the voice-activated feature without entering the passcode. So pretty much anyone can send a text, an email or make a phone call, even if your iPhone is locked. Admittedly, this was probably a security choice since several other iPhone features now break the lock-screen barrier somewhat. Still it’s an issue that could be solved with a quick verbal password or something. Whoever missed that bug should be bruised and battered from frequent face-palming.

Extended Outages

When the iPhone 4S hit networks, Siri-use was so heavy, it actually knocked the servers offline. Outages were near complete at the beginning of November. That initial surge should have been a vindication of Apple’s heavy advertising of the 4S using Siri as the main feature. But lingering problems still plague the system. Users are still complaining that not all of Siri’s features are available, and overseas users are still experiencing especially spotty service.The outages are a problem for Siri, which is entirely dependent on connectivity. Even local phone features, like sending a text or making a call, require that Siri check in with the server. That seems like a pretty big oversight to me. Some users have had luck with resetting the program to get it to work, but the message boards seem to indicate that the problem isn’t usually with the phones. It’s Apple’s servers that are the problem.

Have you been seeing trouble using Siri? Any easy fixes you’d like to share with the rest of us? All things considered, are you iPhone 4S users still happy about the upgrade?

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