The New Pebble Watch in Not a Smart Watch

The New Pebble Watch in Not a Smart Watch

Yes, there has been an inordinate amount of hyperbole about the new Pebble watch. The company raised over $700,000 on Kickstarter from enthusiastic supporters at a minimum of $189, and unfortunately, I was one of them. I have never been so disappointed in my life.The Pebble watch is not a smartwatch, it’s the most ill-conceived, stupidest watch one could ever imagine. Let me tell you why.

There was a lot of hype about Pebble finally getting a color screen. Yes, it is a color screen but so small it doesn’t contain very much information. I was amazed to discover that it’s not a touch screen. How lame is that? But the worst part is that the backlight is so dim you can barely see it. Viewing it outside is impossible. Not only that, but it doesn’t stay lit long enough to read anything.

Be forewarned. It takes two apps and a website to run this watch. But the biggest frustration of all is connecting the watch with your phone via Bluetooth. I used an Android phone. It is also supposed to work with iPhone, but apparently not as well, but I won’t go into that right now. It was extremely difficult to get the phone to pair with the watch, and once it did pair it didn’t stay paired long. Every time I wanted to use the watch I’d have to try to pair it with the phone. In fact, I couldn’t keep it connected long enough to download software. How pathetic.

It’s true that Pebble has a huge repository of apps, several thousand apparently. But take a look at the apps. Most of them are pretty inconsequential and you probably wouldn’t want to waste valuable, precious storage space on them.Storage space is another issue. This watch has no expandable memory. There is no micro SD card slot, which is another disappointment. Speaking of slots, there is no slot for a SIM card, so you cannot use the watch as a separate, independent phone. You have to be tethered to your cell phone at all times.

There is no browser, and you cannot surf the Internet on this phone. There is no keyboard. To respond to an email or SMS, you are supposed to speak your piece, and it will transcribe it for you, which can get amusing results. I’m surprised the phone even has a microphone, but no speaker!Yet another surprising discovery that keeps you tethered to your phone when you use this watch is that it has no speaker. Every sound must come out of the phone. How ill-conceived is that?

Are you beginning to see why this is a stupid watch?

Oh, let’s not forget customer service. I found it to be non-existent. I sent an email to customer support asking about Bluetooth connection difficulties, and have not heard a single word in response, and that was over a week ago. So, if you’re expecting support on this product, forget about it. You’re on your own.I would not recommend this watch to anyone because of its lack of features and poor functionality. I feel I have been duped and expect a full refund, but I’ll probably get stuck paying for shipping which I already paid ten bucks for a three or four ounce package. So they make money on the shipping as well. What a total rip off. Let me assure you that the new Pebble watch is not a smartwatch in any stretch of the imagination. It is the stupidest watch in all of creation. I am very sorry I was hoodwinked into purchasing this phone. What a let down. Do not buy this watch.

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